Our Philosophy

This is what we believe. Only way for us to be successful is to help our customers succeed. When customers purchase our products, they're purchasing our passion, inspiration, dedication, and endless pursuit of perfection. Technology alone is not enough. When technology is meld together with genuine desire to help customers succeed, it results in creation of "insanely great" products that customers fall in love with. Many times we hear customers "love" our program. Honestly, how many times do you hear people love their point of sales software?

Our Mission

Mission #1 : Create best POS software on the planet. Period.
Mission #2 : Help our customers succeed by providing best products possible.
Mission #3 : Stand behind our product with the highest standard of quality.

Our Company

Since 1999, JKSoft has always been the forerunner of POS software industry. We are currently a privately held organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Our vast network of resellers and channel partners around the globe reaches every continents except Antarctica.

Our Products

JKSoft currently offers four POS software for restaurants, retails, salons/spas, and dry cleaners. Unlike most companies with just one software for only one sector of industry, we have full set of software suites that span almost all sales sectors. This means things we learned from one type of business can be applied to another type of business and these know-hows are shared and implemented between our products; effectively applying business knowledge of one industry to another.

Our Services

We only sell our products to distributors and dealers, not directly to store owners. We chose this approach because POS business is a people business. Someone has to be physically there at the store to install, train, and support customers. Providing phone support 3000 miles away and shipping the replacement printer by next Monday just does not work. When you contact us, we'll be more than happy to refer to one of our excellent dealers.

Our Development Team

Our software development team is poured their hearts into our products. We have very talented individuals each with more than 10,000 hours of experience in their specialty. We utilize multiple technologies from multiple vendors. These include Microsoft Visual Studio .NET framework, SQL Server, ASP.NET, AJAX, iOS Swift, Google Kotlin, AWS, Python, Rest API and many other technologies and vendors that provide components for our software.

Our Future

Futures look very bright for POS industry! As post-PC era emerged and number of mobile devices used surpassed desktop computers, vast new opportunities await us. Not only new technologies but new business paradigms will emerge as well. New ideas on how we do things we've always done; but in a better way. JKSoft will and always be on the forefront of new frontier, integrating new technologies and ideas into our software; helping our customer to be more successful.

We promise.